Summer Bucket List 2011

Most people have already developed their summer bucket list…the list of activities they want to do with their child{ren} during the summer.  I’m a little behind the game and I’m not making as extensive of a list as some others, but it will be good for us to set some FUN goals for this summer.  And…in case my ideas inspire you, here’s what we’re doing.

  • Read Jellyfish by Douglas and then test our handiwork in making jellyfish like these.
  • Make the boys peanut butter & jelly sushi rolls like these and eat them with chopsticks.
  • Take our first trip ever to the zoo.
  • Ice Cube Painting like shown here.
  • Make finger friends and act out a play.
  • Experiment with Fizzy Sidewalk Paint like here.
  • Make a personalized Guess Who? game like this one.
  • Burst a water balloon pinata like this one.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt using this clever storage method.
  • Make more fudgesicles…and LOTS of them.
  • Make this memory shape game.
  • Make these sinfully delicious looking chocolate covered, pnut butter smeared bananas.
  • Buy 5 pillowcases per child and recreate this fun sleeping bed…then take it camping.
  • Make these boats and see whose boat lasts the longest in the heat.
  • Excavate items out of a frozen ice block like this one.
  • Repurpose a 2 liter bottle per child into a “do-it-yourself cool down toy” like here.
  • Make s’mores candy bars like these.

I’m sure there will be more to add to the list.  {I’ll add them as I find them.} 

What’s the one thing you recommend adding???

8 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List 2011

  1. How cute is Asher in that bucket. Leave him out front. I’ll be over to steal him in about 30 minutes!!!! :) I love that little sleeping bed. It’s perfect for them to lounge or have a sleep-over or camp!

    • I would have given him to you today. ;) He finally hit the terrible two’s and it’s almost unbearable this week. I wonder how long it will last??? I don’t have a clue since JR never went through it.

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