Parts of a Fish

I’m going to be really honest right now.  Is that ok?  Yesterday I actually told Robert that I wasn’t sure if I could do homeschooling anymore if things didn’t change soon.  I know…please tell me you’ve said it too!? The boys haven’t had the same desire to learn lately and I wasn’t sure how much more arguing, fighting and wrestling I could handle.  

May be you’re feeling the same way?  Then…I read this post about spreading happiness and this post about how to be a relaxed homeschooler and printed out these fantastic Parts of a Fish cards from Montessori Print Shop and I felt ready for the next day. 

And it actually worked!  The days of disinterest are over.  The boys LOVED the Parts of the Fish lesson.  See for yourself…

{We started by going through the Montessori Print Shop cards one-by-one…}

As we discussed each part on the card, the boys added it to a fish I made out of felt.  My boys are hands-on learners, so it helps to have something they actively participate in.  {It also helps with Asher’s 2 year-old attention span.}

We also had a 3D fish model and I would say, “everyone touch the dorsal fin” and then we would all take turns touching it.  They loved seeing if they could find the part before I did.  The 3D model helped a lot because even if they could find the part on the 2D drawing, they didn’t always {naturally} correlate it to the 3D model.  When we finished our group portion of the lesson, JR (4.5 yo) really enjoyed doing the Parts of the Fish Cards independently.


When JR was finished he said, “Look mom!  It’s taller than me!”  What did I love most about this work?  It caught JR’s attention with zoology, but peaked an interest in reading and writing.  Don’t you love it when that happens?  See, the cards require that you match up the terms by recognizing words and it also has blank cards for the child to color the part and write the corresponding name.   After JR finished the Fish cards, he moved on to the sandpaper letters and even more writing.  We had the best day we’ve had in a long time. 

As JR worked…I wrangled Asher in a variety of activities.

We store our 3-Part Cards in a tray that I found at the dollar store, but as we accumulate more and more, I will switch to Montessori Print Shop’s method, which you can find here.

They also have a great tutorial on how to prepare their cards that you can find here.

I can’t wait to see how tomorrow turns out.  How was your Thursday?

7 thoughts on “Parts of a Fish

  1. Dont worry its not you! I have said (or yelled) those same words! :) I usually follow with a speach about how she is getting older and she needs to be learning even if she doesnt feel like it. She will either be here or at school, but she will be learning. Then of course I calm down, read something that is helpful, and start over! Thank God kids are forgiving! It looks like you day was awesome though! Great Work! Its days like that that keep you going! Happy schooling!

  2. Love the pictures! Our day was good, but I have to be honest not as exciting as yours was. Love the photos! JR and Asher rocked the schoolroom today!! I hope you guys have the same kind of day everyday. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Your hard work and preparation paid off! The boys look engaged and excited to be learning. Now all you have to do is repeat that tomorrow…lol jk!

  4. Bear loves doing the booklet part of Parts of a ___ cards. I staple them together to form a book after she has colored in and labeled the parts. We often have days in which I don’t think homeschooling will work for us. I think it is natural to feel that way.

  5. I’m still working on forcing myself to leave the house with the girls on days like that. We ALWAYS all feel better with a field trip–to the park, to the bookstore, to the library, wherever–but I tend to love to be home when I’m home, so I have to make myself get my butt in gear.

    • I agree…a trip to the library always puts us in a better mood. It’s something about the change of scenery. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I LOVE to hear from fellow homeschoolers.

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