Your Tissue Box Repurposed Into a Mystery Box

We all know about RECYCLE, REPURPOSE, REUSE, but as Earth Day approaches it’s fun to see exactly how far we can push that concept.  I saw these adorable spring tissue boxes at Target and immediately thought it would be fun for the boys to stack and knock down.  They love being mini-Godzillas.  :)  But…before I let them smash them to smitherines, I thought I’d try using it as a Mystery Box.  If you haven’t seen a Mystery Box before, they look like this and the child places their hand inside it to determine the object on touch alone.  This is a great option if your child is like mine and won’t use a blindfold.

I hid the items behind a solid box and placed one item in the Mystery Box at a time.  I started by demonstrating how to use it and then handed it off to JR (4yo).  He was so excited and his first instinct was to look inside the box, so I handed it to him with my hand over the top and reminded him not to look.


JR’s first object was a Mickey Mouse figurine, so when it became Asher’s (2yo) turn he put his hand in and screamed “Mi-key Mouse!” His wasn’t Mickey Mouse though…it was a car.  After that, he got a hang of it and started guessing correctly every time.


Both JR and Asher thought the Mystery Box was a blast!  It would be great in a classroom setting if the students worked in pairs, one hiding the objects and the other guessing.  Here are some other photos of the boys enjoying their Mystery Box.


And Asher finally found the Mi-key Mouse.  :)  JR said this was the most fun ever.  I love it when he says that.  I think I’ll find new objects for tomorrow and do it again.

So, do you see anything funny about the photos?  For those of you who are really attentive, I bet you noticed that Ash got a new wristband at Mr. Gatti’s last night.  He’s pretty proud of it and hasn’t taken it off since.  If you don’t know about his love of wristbands, you can read about it here.

More Earth Day Ideas:

Remember, Earth Day is April 22nd…do you have any plans?

                      This post is linked to Childhood 101’s We Play and the Tissue Box Challenge.

16 thoughts on “Your Tissue Box Repurposed Into a Mystery Box

  1. Hahaha! I was wondering about the wristband! :) He is too cute!
    You’re idea for the mystery box is amazing! I am just waiting to finish a box of tissues here! I think that it is a really great DIY material. I also think that the girls will like it! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for the link to the tissue box challenge. I didn’t even know there was such a thing! :) Your coffee filter earth turned out beautiful. I was happy to share it.

  2. Lori! This is an awesome idea. I remember doing something like this at birthday parties when I was a bit older than your boys. I bet my daughter would enjoy this — we’ll have to give it a try soon.

    • You know, most people work their accessories into their outfit, but we work Asher’s outfit around his wristband. It’s just that important. ;)

  3. This is great way to reuse the boxes. JDaniel would have tried to peek as I put the objects into the mystery box.

  4. Thanks for the inspiration, Lori! I made a mystery bag for Joshua today and linked it back to my blog.

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