last night, we dyed Easter eggs using these instructions.

didn’t they turn out pretty?

i also made a few testers of the surprise eggs and the boys LOVED them.

now to make more…

we also enjoyed a field of blue bonnets (pictures next week).

i found the perfect Easter dress. 

will someone with a little girl buy this?

i bought Asher one of these for Easter so he’ll be stylin’. 

please tell me someone has a newborn to dress like this.

for decorating, do you like this garland better or this one?

i think these Easter Story Cookies are a great way to teach about Easter.

for fun, we’re going to make 2 types of bird’s nest cookies.  these and these.

i can’t wait to use my free coffee filters to make these.


Here are photos of our egg dying adventure.




{p.s. I used finger nail scissors to cut a hole in the eggs and it was easier than I expected.}

Have a great weekend!  See you back here on Monday! 

21 thoughts on “Easter

    • You made a healthy version out of the nest cookies. I love it! I’m leaning towards the egg shaped garland too. Very simple and modern. You yarn nests turned out fantastic! I think we’ll do that one too!

  1. I love the bow tie! I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about these! Holden needs another one and these are much cheaper than Nordstrom and just as cute. Told you earlier, but those eggs look beautiful!

  2. Wow! you have been so busy! I love the eggs! The dress was TOO cute for the girls. Too bad I already got them dresses. :( I really want to try to do the coffee filter craft too, and the egg desserts will be perfect for my bird study! :) Thanks for all the ideas!

  3. Well… considering our careers, I’m partial to the paint chip garland. So cute, simple, modern and easy! Love the bow tie for Asher! Does JR get one too? I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to dress Elyse in that Easter dress. It’s beautiful and reminds me a lot of her birthday dress!

    • I’m leaning towards the egg garland too. JR doesn’t like to wear ties…it’s my Asher who accessorizes. :) You should buy the Easter dress!!! And then if I’m ever blessed with a girl, you can let me borrow it!

  4. Love the bunnies… love the dress… HOLY cuteness on the bowtie!! My fav birdnest is the butterscotch. Those crack eggs are awesome! That new born bunny outfit – oh my goodness. IT WAS adorable. I am so passing that to my friend who just had a baby. LOL :)

  5. Uh oh, Neon food coloring? We’re going to have some fuuuun!!! These look so cool, I think the kids would love them. Oh my goodness! I think “Not Martha”, was my very first blog ever way back when I was learning to make lipgloss in like 05 or 06! Thanks for sharing Lori!

  6. Wow! So many great things in one post!!! Your Easter eggs are beautiful! I can’t wait to try some bird’s nests. Thanks for the inspiration : ) I have never heard the Easter cookies analogy. What a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing.


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